How much alcohol can you drink and calculating your daily dose?

What is an anniversary without wine or a New Year's chime without a glass of champagne? Unusual and boring. Even the WHO does not recommend giving up alcohol completely. But how much can you drink so that it won't harm your health, anyone will find out without a problem. Let's start right away that these are normally healthy people, not patients in drug treatment clinics. Thus, we calculate the dose to drink without harming health and discover the amounts of alcoholic beverages that are allowed for frequent consumption.

safe consumption statistics

how much wine can you drink a day

Addressing the question: How much alcohol can you drink a day, we'll only get an answer from the doctors - not at all. But at the same time, doctors know that a small amount of wine has a beneficial effect on blood vessels, cognac and vodka have a vasodilating effect, and usually refined home liquor is much more useful than storing varieties of wine. distilled beverages.

The WHO gives a more specific answer: alcohol, consumed in moderation, no more than once a day, does not harm the body. For alcohol, in this case, any drink taken for pleasure is taken: wine, brandy, cocktails with vodka. In terms of pure alcohol, a normally healthy patient cannot drink more than 3 liters of alcohol per year. Exceeding the norm can harm the psyche and health, but in Moldova, for example, they consume up to 18 liters of ethanol per year. It's true that they prefer to use wines of young or full-bodied varieties there.

Calculation of daily dose

In order not to convert pure ethanol into alcohol, not counting the amount of vodka you can drink with 2 liters of pure ethanol per year, scientists suggest the following guidelines: no more than 20 grams. ethanol per day for men and 15 grams. for women. This amount is contained in 1 bottle of beer, 2 glasses of wine or 50 gr. good vodka. So, having figured out how much you can drink per day, it's better to stick to these parameters and not drink more alcohol - exceeding the daily alcohol dose will have negative consequences.

Average statistical data do not take into account the characteristics of the organism, as the amount of alcohol that can be ingested without harming health depends on the individual qualities of each person in each case. Also, WHO recommends avoiding drinking a few days a week. But that doesn't mean you can "stack up" drinks and drink alcohol on holidays without measure!

Important!The popular way to calculate the amount of alcohol is as follows: 1, 5 g. pure alcohol per 1 kg of weight. In terms of vodka, you don't get more than 3. 75 ml per kilo of alcohol per day. Thus, for a person weighing 70 kg, the volume of vodka per day is 262 ml. If you plan to drink vodka with long intervals between servings, the daily alcohol intake can be increased to 330 ml.

And, of course, don't forget about the appetizer. To avoid serious poisoning from ethanol and its decomposition products, drink but eat good foods, not fast foods. Drinking water with each toast is okay, but not sweet soda - such a drink damages the mucous membrane of the stomach, esophagus and speeds up the process of assimilating alcohol into the blood.

lack of alcohol in the body

Lack of alcohol in the body is not a sign of alcoholism, but a very real problem. Absolutely everyone finds this. Sometimes the reason is a snack: the person drank little but ate a lot: part of the alcohol is absorbed by food, the other part of the alcohol binds to the breakdown products of proteins and does not enter the bloodstream. Doctors call this part "irrevocable alcohol deficiency, " in which case the actual temporary deficit depends on the amount of food. Why is this option bad? The fact that the absorbed alcohol is later reabsorbed and the elimination phase occurs later. That is, the processing of alcohol is delayed.

Also, everyone knows that alcohol helps break down fats, so you can't find a better snack for vodka than meat or lard. Here, alcohol is really needed as a means of improving digestion. And, by the way, no one has canceled the appetite-stimulating effect of alcohol. For this, appetizers are intended, and after a hearty dinner it is not bad to drink a little herbal tincture, it is also good for the body to start the digestion of heavy meals.

There may be a lack of alcohol in the body when working in companies associated with the inhalation of heavy metals, chemical compounds and other substances. That's why people are advised to take 100 grams. vodka before dinner. The reason lies in the disinfectant properties of alcohols, which will help to partially neutralize the harmful effects of toxins received by the body in the work process.

Addendum!These drinking options should never be confused with alcoholism. In order not to harm yourself, you must observe the above rule, and not convince yourself that the more I drink, the healthier I will be.

Consumption rates according to the type of alcohol

The vast majority of spirits are made from grains and/or grapes. The second drinking option is one of the most harmless. Let's find out how much wine, vodka and other beverages to live longer and not remember the damage to our health.

How much wine can you eat?

how much alcohol can you drink

Doctors allow wine in the amount of 200-350 ml for men and 150-200 ml for women. It is a natural wine, which is not drunk in one sip, but which is enjoyed in small sips. A person who drinks wine in the specified amount, the body receives the necessary nutrition with nutrients. Here's what happens:

  • Protection of blood vessels, heart. Alcohol's ability to dilate blood vessels, along with the vitamin complexes contained in wine, has the most beneficial effect on a person's CVS;
  • Prevention of tumor pathologies. Wine contains a sufficient amount of an element necessary to prevent the development of cancer;
  • Prevention of prostate diseases. It was confirmed that men who drank wine in the quantities indicated were less likely to require visits to the doctor and patients retained their strength much longer than people who denied drinking anyway;
  • Immunity support, especially important when vitamins and minerals are lacking in areas with adverse weather conditions.
  • Wine is useful not only for men, but also for women - a lot of natural antioxidants slow down aging. However, one should not abuse the amount of drink, exceeding the norm will not contribute to increasing the effect. Of course, all the necessary nutrients in wine are in other products, but sometimes it's okay for a person to drink a glass of red wine.

    How much vodka can you eat?

    What about people who only drink vodka? Of course, drink, but observing the indicated volumes. Remember that 60ml for men and 45ml for women is considered the norm. This is enough for a person who drinks alcohol not to get drunk and overload the liver and kidneys.

    The period of elimination of toxins, as long as the patient drinks the norm, is about one hour, during which time ethanol does not have time to attack the organism and is excreted without much effort. But there are a number of conditions that people who drink do not meet:

  • It is best to drink during the period when the body is ready to neutralize all substances, usually from 18: 00 to 00: 00;
  • A long break between toasts is required, it is best to take breaks of 25-30 minutes or more;
  • Very frequent consumption should not be allowed: drinking a quantity of 50 ml every other day is not the same as a single consumption of alcoholic beverages in large doses;
  • It is strictly forbidden to mix vodka with other alcoholic beverages. Having consumed strong alcohol, do not wash it with beer - a cocktail will lead to fast intoxication and vodka will not be useful, but rather harm.
  • The rules of alcohol are clear and how often you can drink it remains to discover the benefits. According to doctors, vodka is drunk just to get drunk, but the drink has its own therapeutic properties:

    • People who drink are less likely to see a doctor about ischemia of the heart;
    • If you drink vodka, the formation of atherosclerotic plaques is reduced;
    • Moderate alcohol consumption inhibits the risk of arthritis;
    • Accepting vodka in permitted doses prevents the emergence and development of oncological diseases;
    • An alcoholic drink can lower blood pressure - the effect of the drink is short-lived, so you should not use this method as a panacea.

    The analgesic effect of alcohol has been confirmed by people who drink infrequently: a little vodka relieves headaches, toothaches. In the latter case, a cotton swab is impregnated with alcohol and applied to the pain area. Obviously, there are benefits to vodka and you can drink a strong drink without too much harm. But doctors believe that alcohol should be treated with great caution: most often people who drank little, but often became addicted to alcohol (especially women), which turned into dependence.

    It all depends on what kind of drink and how much to drink. The question of what alcoholism is is how often to take a dose of alcohol remains open. People's gender, health and age are also taken into account. If we're talking about a strong field, then men without harm to health can drink 3-4 times a week, and if it's for the lovely half of humanity, then after a year of such intensity, you'll have a woman who drinks and addicted to a bottle. Men are much tougher than women, it's all a matter of structural features of the body and therefore they need more alcohol to become dependent on alcohol.

    How much to drink wine, vodka or brandy and how many times a month to indulge in parties - decide for yourself. If friends usually suggest: let's have a drink for the weather - it's better to follow the consumption rules indicated. And in general, think about whether you should drink today or sober up these days.

    Drinking beer

    As for beer, the doctors are categorical: the norm for the drink consumed per day is 0. 5 liters. and nothing else! At the same time, one must be aware that many beer diets are a myth, as is the freshness indicated by "live" beer, which is considered the most useful.

    Fact that!Beer remains usable for only a few months after spilling - the expiration date is indicated on the packaging. The shelf life of "live" beer is calculated not even in days, in hours - 2-2, 5 hours after fermentation, the drink starts to get poor in useful properties, vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

    In the case of beer, you also need careful calorie calculation, this applies to girls. Drinking has an insidious property - no matter how much you drink, you want more all the time. Which leads to frequent poisonings despite the low alcohol content. You can drink it, but infrequently and a little bit, but it's better to pay attention to something harmless, harmless, like kvass or kefir.