Experience of use Alkotox

Wanda's experience in Krakow, evaluation at Alkotox

I'm Wanda, from Krakow. I have a small daughter, my husband died in a car accident. I work as a health visitor in a hospital, trying to organize my personal life.

Drama for the family

My brother Zdenek was stressed and depressed after his wife's divorce. It was unbearable to see him suffer and fall into the abyss of despair. I tried to introduce him to his friends at work, but he was turbulent, bothered with trifles and just drinking with friends-neighbors cheered him up. The artificial amusement of drunkenness was not good, he broke dishes and destroyed furniture.

So he started drinking a lot. It has not dried out for months. I sold all the appliances in my apartment that I didn't have time to break. He was fired from his job.

Zdenék had blond hair, but it started to fade quickly. His face turned yellowish gray, eyes with red whites, bags under his eyes.

I had to put him in the hospital for detox. The condition improved for several months, but the friends got drunk again.

Healing brother with Alkotox

Alkotox falls into a glass of water, product use experience

I discovered on the internet that there is a new drug for alcoholism. The analysis of the sites showed many positive comments from customers who shared their experience on how to use the tool and the results of the application. I liked that it contains only natural plant extracts. I thought I could try it, add it imperceptibly to the tea or jam. I ordered the product on the official website, it was delivered quickly.

We live in neighboring houses, I started coming to Zdenek in the morning and at night to administer Alkotox for him. In the instructions for use, it is recommended to take 8-10 drops 3 times a day, but I am at work during the day, so I gave my brother 12 drops twice a day.

The effect of using Alkotox

A week later, Zdenék's friend celebrated his birthday. I was very afraid that my brother would go to the party and be free again. He hadn't been drinking for a week at that time.

I decided to go with him. Imagine my surprise when my brother, taking the first glass, sniffed and drank a lot. His face expressed disgust at the same time. The friends at the table were also surprised, they urged him to drink more, but he refused.

Incredible! I did not expect such an effect so fast.

Personal life is improving

Photo by Brother Wanda from Kraków before and after the Alkotox, experience with the use of drops

I decided to tell my brother the truth about the drug. In the evening, I brought him his favorite apple strudel and made tea. Zdenék was in a good mood, which I hadn't noticed in a long time since his divorce.

We had a long conversation. Zdenék realized how much I wish him happiness and success. He himself felt an improvement in his condition, the headaches and nausea stopped. Appetite appeared, he began to smile and play more, as in his student years.

Zdenék, knowing of my imperceptible addition of drops, was not angry, he was interested. I read the comments, I wondered how to use the drops. He promised that he would drip Alkotox on his own, according to the instructions.

I am very grateful to the manufacturer of the drug, because it took my brother out of addiction. Alkotox is always at hand in our medicine cabinet. Don't expect alcohol to ruin your life and the lives of your loved ones.