How will alcohol affect your sex?

Some sexologists recommend drinking alcohol in small doses before sex. This, in their opinion, "warms the blood", increases attraction, frees us and prolongs sexual intercourse.

From a physiological point of view, this can be explained by the fact that, during sex, the body burns glucose from the liver and alcohol from the colon. So if sex lasts longer than 15 minutes, doctors recommend eating something sweet first. Or maybe drink wine. Alcohol is absorbed into the blood faster than sugar, giving it strength.

However, it is important to find this middle ground, because, taking a little more in the chest, you can start the reverse process, and then there will be no pleasure in sex. Each drink has its own characteristics, so let's try to find out which alcohol is best to choose before sex and how it affects sex.

Wine is the best alcoholic drink for a nice night before sex

What kind of alcohol do you prefer before sex?


A few decades ago, it was an exclusively male drink that the proletariat drank after a hard day's work. Beer is now drunk by both men and women. There are even special female varieties.

The phytoestrogen contained in this drink literally tricks our hormonal system, reduces testosterone production and, as a result, sexual desire. The diuretic properties of this drink have also been known to everyone for a long time, in addition, it leads to shortness of breath.

Summary: want to be without sex? Drink beer!

gin and tonic

Alcohol and many additives are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, which leads to instant intoxication. Also, this alcoholic drink causes nervousness and irritability which will definitely ruin the night. Therefore, gin and tonic, as well as beer, is also best left for other occasions.

Some alcoholic drinks are suitable for a party, but not for intimate gatherings.

Sparkling wine

They give a feeling of celebration. What's a romantic night without champagne? Blisters - carbon dioxide, increases absorption, which leads to rapid, but short-term intoxication. If you overdo it, you'll have a hangover in the morning.

To warm up, this drink, unlike the previous two, is very good.

The maximum dose is 300 grams for her and 400 for him. It's hard to go wrong, in total it's almost a bottle.


This drink has always aroused passion. A good wine tastes good, is full of nutrients and, when consumed wisely, can provide a pleasant evening that leads to a more interesting activity.

The maximum dose allowed is 300 grams for her and 400 for him. I recommend dry white wine. When it comes to red wine, the servings should be a little smaller.


This drink is rich in nutrients, has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and relieves stress. It's the brandy before the night of love that sexologists often recommend.

The maximum dose allowed is 120 grams for her and 150 grams for him, preferably with lemon. And yet, women love coffee with cognac and chocolate.

The opinion of an expert sexologist

"Experts' opinions on drinking alcohol before sex vary a lot. Most of them think that having a drink "for courage" is very useful, because it will help to overcome many complexes, which will make sex more pleasurable. results of some studies suggest otherwise. "


There are legends about absinthe: supposedly, the green fairy is able to send anyone to seventh heaven. For a romantic evening, this drink is not bad, it looks beautiful and has an unusual taste. And yet, the production of real absinthe was banned a long time ago, so you should not expect any special effects, except for the usual intoxication.

It is also important not to forget about the strength of this drink, it can reach eighty degrees.

Maximum dose: for her - 70 grams, for him - 100.


This alcohol is definitely not associated with romance, but from a pragmatic point of view, this is the best choice, because we are talking about pure alcohol, without impurities.

Vodka intoxication comes on slowly, but it also passes even slower. It is important to know that vodka has the shortest period between good mood and heavy intoxication.

In order not to spoil the night, the maximum rate allowed is 100 grams for her and 150 for him.

Tequila, whiskey, rum

These exotic drinks are actually the usual "moonlight" of different peoples of the world. In terms of qualities, they are close to vodka - almost pure alcohol; so if you think vodka is anything but romantic, pay attention to its foreign counterparts.

So that sex does not turn into drinking, the maximum rate allowed is 100 grams for her and 150 grams for him.

And yet these were common aspects, the reaction to alcohol in each person is strictly individual. It is better for someone not to drink at all, but for others it can be an excellent drug and a stimulant. The main thing is never forget the measure!

How alcohol affects sex

If you go too far with an especially strong dose of alcohol, you will feel the following effects of alcohol on yourself:

  • decreased sensitivity of the head of the penis in a man, intercourse can be significantly delayed;
  • rapid arousal and difficult ejaculation in a man, if you often have sex under alcohol, this can lead to prostatitis;
  • dryness in the woman's vagina, discomfort during intercourse;
  • less violent orgasm under alcohol in women and men;
  • you will be put to sleep.

If we leave the quasi-scientific facts and the recommendations of sexologists and look the other way.

With an increase in the dose of alcohol before sex, you will be pulled to sleep.

Of course, alcohol will help a woman break free and give a man strength at the initial stage. But what's next for you?

For men, with regular alcohol consumption before or during sex:

  • sensations of sex after alcohol and without it will be different;
  • you won't be able to finish for a long time, the orgasm will be monotonous and emotionless;
  • gradually, the effect of prolonging sexual intercourse with alcohol will come to nothing, the erection will begin to fall off, alcohol is like a drug;
  • testosterone level will decrease and potency will decrease.

And the women? With regular use of alcohol for sex, problems are also guaranteed:

  • sensations are dulled, do not expect a violent orgasm, as if in a "sober head";
  • you will fall asleep more and more;
  • you can get used to it;
  • this will negatively affect the reproductive system;
  • increase the chance of conceiving a child with birth defects.

The problem lies in the fact that men think that alcohol will solve my problems in sex and no longer try to correct the situation so it doesn't "spoil".

And women get used to the feeling of imaginary sexuality, which they lack in everyday life, and which they see as available through a dose of alcohol.

Sex and alcohol, enemies or allies? Alcohol is bad in all areas of life. Be careful!