How can a woman stop drinking alcohol alone at home

Unfortunately, the problem of alcoholism is becoming more and more urgent every year. This problem affects all social strata of the population, concerns both women and men. Female alcoholism is rapidly gaining traction. Where did a woman's real purpose go—to be the guardian of the family home and an example for her children to follow?

Perhaps that is why a woman who drinks is covered in great shame, others treat her much worse compared to a man who drinks. And increasingly he goes "underground", preferring to drink alone and sink deeper and deeper into the darkness of alcoholism. Is there a way for a woman to stop drinking alcohol on her own without drawing special attention to her problem?

woman drinking wine how to stop

With a competent approach, a woman can separate herself from alcohol addiction at home.

Nuances of female alcoholism

Women, due to the peculiarities of their hormonal system and psychological constitution, get used to drinking much faster than men. Even a small dose of alcohol does much more damage to the female body. To leave the addiction, the fair sex will have to make a lot of effort.

It is extremely difficult to deal with alcohol addiction on your own, especially for women.

To stop drinking alcohol, a woman will have to make a lot of efforts, activate all her forces and want to live the rest of her life happy and healthy. In this harder path of fighting addiction, you will also have to face failures, failures and breakdowns.

There's nothing wrong with that, it's just that you never have to give up your strength and submit to a deadly habit. And we will do our part to help and offer many effective ways and tips that can be helpful.

Preparing for battle

Before looking for the most effective recipes and ways for a woman to stop drinking alcohol alone at home, you should understand your own mind a little. Remember the reasons that led you to embark on the muddy path of alcohol addiction, to understand what exactly led you to take up alcohol for the first time. And then give yourself a specific answer to the following questions.

Because it is necessary

Self-treatment for female alcoholism must begin with a specific and clear understanding of why a sober life is necessary. What will the woman get in return?

  1. Grandchildren love.
  2. children's location.
  3. Family well-being.
  4. Establishment of personal life.
  5. A new, more stable job.
  6. Improvement of the financial situation.
  7. Restoration of battered health.

Each person will have their own incentive, what is worth fighting for. This thread throughout the difficult path to sobriety will support a person and prevent him from going astray. Don't forget that even with the full support of family and friends, the fight against alcoholism, especially independently, can go on for months, if not years.

problem analysis

You must really want to get back to a healthy and sober life. Only then will the results that appear will become a new incentive and create a powerful reason to be proud of yourself and your achievements. One more truth must be remembered - a sober life is based on one's own full responsibility for all events that occur in it.

To first understand yourself and discover the origins of the problem, it is worth visiting a psychologist. A specialist will help to level the time and understand the origins that led a woman to start seriously abusing alcohol. According to studies, the reasons that most often force a woman to drink regularly include the following situations:

  • prolonged depression;
  • difficult stressful situations;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • disorder and problems of personal life;
  • constant conflicts, hostility in the service, in the family;
  • environment (husband drinks, friends, co-workers constantly organize meetings).

By the way, the psychologist will give effective advice, to better fill the void. After all, when the constant use of alcohol leaves life, the person usually has depression. You should find useful activities that help you get out of depressive states and fill the spiritual void.

Women's alcoholism must be treated immediately, it must not be put aside and it must not continue to self-destruct. In fact, with each "drunk" year, the return to a sober life becomes increasingly difficult.

Medicines to the Rescue

Several drugs specially created to fight this disease can help a woman to get rid of alcohol addiction on her own. These funds can be purchased at any pharmacy. All these drugs are divided into three types:

  1. Significantly reduces the need for another drink.
  2. Working to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and help remove leftover ethanol metabolites from the body.
  3. Drugs that cause a person to develop an aversion to alcohol. They work on the occurrence of unpleasant symptoms when alcohol enters the body.

But, before taking these medications, you should always consult your doctor. These drugs, due to their aggressive chemical composition, can negatively affect the emotional and mental state and also have many contraindications.

Advice from folk healers

You can independently cope with the treatment of female alcoholism, resorting to the help of a popular pharmacy. By the way, many people manage to significantly reduce the desire to drink, using a variety of herbal drugs and medicinal plants. The expected effect also depends on the individual characteristics of the body and the presence of the desire to stop drinking itself.

The most popular and effective recipes include the following:

Sheep dye. Grind dry lamb sprigs (10 g) and steam with boiling water (200 ml). Boil the mixture over low heat for 15-20 minutes and then insist for another 2-2. 5 hours. The finished product is taken 15-20 ml every two hours. And stop taking it as soon as the woman feels nauseous.

Sheep tincture can be used, provided that, before the start of therapy, the addict does not drink alcohol for 4-5 days.

Thyme and absinthe. Both plants must be mixed (20 g each) and poured with boiling water (200 ml). The broth is boiled for 20 minutes and then insisted for another hour. Drink should be twice a day to 25 ml.

Hypericum infusion. The curative drug is prepared in a water bath at the rate of 150 g of plant material per half a liter of water. The finished drug is drunk 30 ml on an empty stomach twice a day. The course of treatment is 1. 5 to 2 weeks.

Bearberry decoction. In a glass of boiling water, steam the vegetable raw materials (30 g) and boil for a quarter of an hour. The prepared broth is drunk during the day in equal parts. The general course of treatment lasts about a month.

Herbal tincture. Combine bitter wormwood, centaury and thyme (20 g each). Steam the herb pasta with boiling water and leave for 2-3 hours. Drink the drug in the amount of 20 ml 3-4 times a day for 2-2, 5 months.

Acorn potion. To prepare this remedy, you will need 20 g of crushed dry acorns and pure alcohol (200 ml). The alcoholic mass must be infused in a dark place for a week. Take it at the rate of 10 drops a day. The course of treatment is individual, it can be stopped as soon as a persistent aversion to even the type of alcohol appears.

At the end of all recommendations and advice, it should be remembered that "salvation is the work of a drowned man". That is, without a strong and conscious desire to return to a beautiful shape, a healthy body, the success of all endeavors, that is, a sober life, an independent fight against alcohol addiction will not bring results.

Only unconditional faith in one's own strength will help a woman return to sobriety. And the necessary support in the difficult and long term for health must be provided by close and loving people.