How To Stop Drinking Alcohol On Your Own For Good

I have prepared this material for those who wish to stop drinking on their own or help a loved one. I'm speaking in simple, non-medical language so you know what to do and where to go.

Millions of people suffer from alcoholism. This is much more than people suffering from other illnesses. Alcoholism destroys not only families but also a person's personality. Alcohol dependence is one of the most difficult illnesses and, in addition, it can be quite dangerous. Therefore, it is important that we work to prevent and treat alcohol use disorders.

We believe it is possible to stop drinking! And most importantly, we are ready to help you do this yourself or with the help of experts. Read the article to the end and don't get distracted by thinking about some of the topics below.

beer leads to alcoholism

So! What is alcoholism?

Alcoholism is "a disease of the mind, body and spirit". Since this state includes physical and psychological desire. And also coercion to use alcohol that alters the mood. And recovery from alcohol addiction includes physical, psychological and emotional healing.

If we speak as a term, then, according to the great Soviet encyclopedia, it sounds like this: alcoholism is a chronic mental illness. That is, from this definition it follows that alcoholism is a disease on the psychological level. Physical dependence comes much later, when a person becomes a being who only needs one thing, to be filled with alcohol. And it doesn't matter if it's a substitute, dye or something else.

The psychological level of the illness is quite possible to be overcome by yourself. Methods to stop drinking, I will look further. But with physical addiction, you need to see a doctor - a narcologist and get medical treatment for alcohol addiction.

How to understand that there is a problem and that it needs to be solved?

Below I will review some situations that may be familiar or close to you. If you have at least one of the signs listed below then you are still dependent on alcohol and may not be an alcoholic yet, but there is a problem.


  • you were invited to a party and immediately noticed that the event will be "dry". And you refused to go because you have no idea how you can have fun and relax without alcohol;
  • more and more you start retiring on alcohol, no matter how strong it is. But you are more comfortable drinking beer alone than in company;
  • only drinking can you deal with feelings of anxiety and anxiety;
  • It is very difficult to deal with the urge to drink, you are not hampered by circumstances that tomorrow to work. Either you have an important exam or you need to pass some type of analysis;
  • damn anyone who doesn't drink anything, something is definitely wrong with that person;
  • getting drunk to the point that in the morning it's very difficult to remember what you were doing.

Next, we'll look at what you can do about it and how to overcome alcohol addiction.

freedom after giving up alcohol

Stop drinking and change your life for the better!

The onset of addiction and the stages of alcoholism

Gradually, a person addicted to alcohol begins to abuse it and it becomes very difficult not to drink for several days at a time. You're waiting for Friday to spend the entire weekend drinking. After that, the drinking habit moves to weekdays, and doesn't save for work tomorrow. If you were looking for some reason before, the cat's birthday, Bastille day, you bought new socks, then the drink will be for no reason, just because I want it. And the question "what to drink for" disappears by itself.

reasons to drink

They are quite different. They drink because:

  • difficulties have arisen in life: a loved one has suffered or died;
  • the financial issues are not being resolved: they have been laid off from work and it is impossible to find a new one; loans or mortgages "strangling", etc. ;
  • there is no rest at home: the saw woman, the mother-in-law has no rest, the neighbor sharpens his teeth. . ;
  • forced by someone;
  • you don't want to be different from everyone else;
  • for some this is a sign of adulthood;
  • someone just relaxes like that;
  • removes your shyness.

It is important to note that alcohol addiction starts out differently for each person. Someone can start at 15-16 years old. Others start at 25-30 years.

Furthermore, drinking alcohol becomes a habit, and without it a person simply cannot feel relaxed. In alcohol, we start to drown our problems because a drunk doesn't care what's going on around him. and alreadysobriety becomes a disease. . . Because it's bad for a sober person to accept the world and properly perceive the situation. Alcohol becomes a "medicine" that only cures our illusions.

Stages of alcoholism

There are several stages of alcoholism:

  1. The first stage of alcoholism: it's hard to contain yourself not to drink, a friend came with a bottle, how to refuse? And it doesn't matter that tomorrow there are very important things. The first stage can very well be cured without outside help. Desiring and working on yourself is important;
  2. The second stage of alcoholism: when a person drinks a lot but doesn't get drunk. And without alcohol, it is simply impossible for a person to exist. This is the beginning of physical addiction;
  3. The third stage of alcoholism: different from the second. When you've had a drink and can barely stand up. And this condition is permanent. You urgently need drug treatment.

The most important thingYou must understand that alcohol addiction does not occur overnight. It involves a complex and progressive process that takes place in an area of the brain known as the "reward center". In the same place that regulates and enhances the vital natural needs for our existence. That's why the addicted brain seeks alcohol and other drugs as if these substances were necessary for our survival. And that's why people with active addiction put the pursuit of alcohol or other drugs above almost any other priority.

Scientists have also identified many social, psychological, genetic and other factors that make some people more vulnerable than others to developing alcoholism. In all cases, it is important to understand that no one chooses to develop alcoholism. Two people can start drinking alcohol, with one person becoming addicted to alcohol and the other developing no symptoms.

Also keep in mind that people who become addicted can never use alcohol or other addictive drugs without putting their health at risk. Brain chemistry has changed in such a way that it can be rebalanced through rehabilitation, but that balance will always remain vulnerable to renewed use.

Ways and Methods to Stop Drinking

Effective ways you can use to fight alcohol. Don't leave it for tomorrow. Start now.

So follow all the methods described below and you can stop drinking once and for all!

First way to stop drinking: "Be scared"

Although they say it's useless to read articles about the dangers of alcohol, it's no use, but after all, no one reads them carefully. If you feel like you want to drink more and more often, don't be lazy and reread our article. Better stay with you. Also read about how alcohol is harmful. Allow 15 minutes each day to read short articles. So, say, be intimidated and always remember the dangers of alcohol. Think of your liver, your youth, your beauty. And also about how difficult it is to fight alcoholism. Especially if you do it yourself.

The second way to stop drinking: "Become the actor in your movie"

Another very interesting way to think about giving up alcohol is to film yourself drunk. Just pop in a camera or ask someone. Often, not everyone will be able to watch your drunken adventures halfway through filming. And the feeling of shame is the distinguishing mark of a person from an animal. You will also understand how difficult this is for your loved ones.

The third way to stop drinking: "Find an ecological substitute"

It is very important to find a way to relax, replace alcohol with something else. Sports, dancing, singing, find your talent. Make sure it's important for you to stop drinking. We wanted to have a drink in the evening, but instead we took a run in the open air. Or went to the gym.

The main thing is that it is an environmentally friendly solution, in no case replace alcohol, for example, with pills. Everyone has willpower, you just need to find it in yourself and replace alcohol not with another substance that muddies your mind, but with something that will delight you.

The fourth way to stop drinking: "Clear your friends list and update your social circle. "

If there are people in your social circle who drink and they pressure you all the time, eliminate communication with those friends. Understand that these aren't friends and remember the lyrics of the song "A friend won't tell you, drink to the bottom. "The alcoholic's social circle is a black hole, which it's very difficult to get out of every bottle alone. baby. And with every bottle you drink, you take a step closer to being alone.

Also, today there are many opportunities to renew your social circle: parks, gyms, hobby clubs . . .

The fifth way to stop drinking: "Become your own personal accountant"

Keep a diary where you record your alcohol expenditures. And write down how much you didn't spend on this useless junk today.

Go to the store and buy a gift with that money, eg good quality clothes, a new phone. Reward yourself for stopping drinking! Better yet, save. See how much you will have in a month and what you can buy instead of alcohol.

The sixth way to stop hitting: "Memory won't let you get drunk"

Over time, you'll learn to control yourself, and a symbolic glass of champagne in the New Year doesn't mean drinking a pint of vodka. You already know your limit: after how many sips you'll want to drink more and more, or which glass isn't worth drinking.

Remember how you called it "gin out of the bathroom" the next morning after drinking, and how it felt like now your head would explode with pain and that this would be the ideal option for you. By the way, if you're hungover after drinking a lot, that's a very loud bell, which already calls you an alcoholic.

The seventh way to stop drinking forever: "A friend of alcohol is a cigarette"

We decided to stop drinking, so I should stop smoking. If that habit is on your bad list. After all, a cigarette calls for a drink, after a glass of another, a drag seems more "tasty". But this is an illusion. And so much has been said about the dangers of smoking that it's not worth mentioning here.

Eighth way: "Analysis of your actions"

Don't blame yourself in any way for loving this green snake. And feel free to talk about not drinking. Sometimes you just need to analyze everything that has happened to you in your life. When you drank, when you had a hangover, when you felt like drinking.

You can even divide a piece of paper into two halves and write in one column what good alcohol did to me, in the other the problems it caused. I bet the column with good points will hardly be filled. But to analyze the impact of alcohol on your life, the data is enough.

support from loved ones when giving up alcohol

Dear and close, we have become people in their own right!

The ninth way: "The relatives are close"

It is very important to admit to yourself that you are an addict. No need to shout around every corner and introduce yourself: "Hello, my name is Vasya and I'm an alcoholic" No! Just admit it to yourself. So, if you like, you can initiate your loved ones, your wife, parents, children, those you live with or communicate with frequently, to let them know your intentions to stop drinking.

And the natives are definitely not going to tell you that you are a fool or a madman. They are close and close to help and, most importantly, to understand. The support of loved ones is critical at the beginning of the journey to get rid of the drinking habit. Don't be afraid to tell, it's more dangerous to give up and not give up.

The tenth way to fight alcoholism: "Teasing is a failure"

There is an unshakeable rule that if a person has decided not to drink, there is no need to be provoked. For example, don't go to a store that has drinks, well, or at least avoid departments with inviting bottles.

Try it at first, until you've developed a habit of not drinking, not attending events where there is alcohol. Skip a friend's birthday or nephew's christening. You can skip this important event and then it will reach your sober attention to them.

The path to deliverance will require sacrifices, but they will be insignificant compared to the sacrifices that can be made if you continue to drink.

Eleventh way: "Eat yourself . . . "

A very important aspect of fighting alcoholism is being full. Yes Yes. After all, most of the time you want to drink on an empty stomach, so try making a hearty dinner in the evening when you get home from work, and thoughts of drinking will definitely fade into the background.

Path:"Stress is a reason to drink"

Try to avoid stressful situations, this is certainly difficult to do in our time, but it is possible. Now, on the Internet, you can find many methods to get rid of depressive situations, for example, meditation. Not everyone understands them, but it's worth a try. Remember one truth: alcohol doesn't solve problems, alcohol adds new problems!

When a person refuses alcohol, it is as if they are missing something. Emptiness and discomfort appear. It is necessary at these times to find something to do for yourself, so to speak, to fill the void. For example, instead of a late night date with a bottle and a glass, go to the movies for an evening show. Buy a ticket to a rock concert and scream your heart out. In fact, the way you scream is effective, they come home angry, they don't have the strength to drink, because life is complete "shit", lock yourself in the bathroom or bedroom and scream loudly, it can even interfere with your voice, but go ahead. And life will no longer seem so unfair. And it's quite possible that during the shouting you find the right solution to some problem.

If desired, you can consult a psychologist or narcologist. Expert help is often very important at these pitching moments. A good doctor can even discover the cause of your addiction, extract exactly what it all started from, and this is an important fact on the way to get rid of drinking.

There is already a lot of literature on the topics "How to Quit Drinking", "The Way to Sobriety" or "The Easy Way to Quit Drinking". Read them. They may not have the expected effect, but they certainly won't hurt. And it's better to busy yourself at night reading these advice books than filling your problems with questionable liquids.

Path:"look at yourself like in a mirror"

Try to put yourself in the shoes of those people who suffer from their antics when you're drunk. Imagine, for example, your wife or husband in your place. Your significant other gets drunk and misbehaves. If it's at a party, you should at least be ashamed of your partner. Or if at home, having drunk, caused a scandal? Does it interfere with sleep? Are you satisfied with this?

Now imagine that your children see you in this state. As a child, would you like to see your mother or father disguised as a Neanderthal? Hardly anyone will answer yes. Now imagine that you are sitting at your workplace and your colleague at the next table smells like smoke or, worse, "fresh. "Or you went to the doctor and he got a headache after yesterday's feast and he has no idea how to cure you. Or is a drunk teacher teaching your child a lesson?

Imagine how you can face situations where alcohol is unpleasant for you, for the people who use it, the consequences of that.

Popular ways to combat alcohol: use or is it better to be afraid?

But in any case, do not resort to methods that could harm your health. Many, to stop drinking, go to their grandmothers, so that they "whisper" and "speak" because of the habit of drinking. It's good if grandma just whispers to you, and if she gives you herbs or tinctures. . . And you can go from an alcoholic patient to a poisoned patient. If you really feel that you can't handle the situation yourself, contact a narcologist who will prescribe the right treatment and won't harm your health.

Make sure you analyze your life when you were drinking and this week when you are not drinking. Or this year without alcohol. Trust me, time spent without alcohol is much more colorful, interesting and happier than alcohol. At least try to put that theory into practice. If you don't like to live without alcoholic products, you can always return to hangovers, blackouts, bankruptcies, debts. . in fact, alcohol is for sale here.

The main question is: is it realistic to stop drinking?

Millions of people around the world are proof that recovery is stronger than alcohol addiction. And they are proof that treatments are working, families are getting better, and life is getting better.

As with other chronic illnesses, addiction to alcohol or other drugs can be successfully tackled. This will allow you to live a full and fulfilling life.

If you find it difficult to handle the situation yourself, contact a drug addiction treatment center. Most people who attend treatment programs not only stop using alcohol or other drugs, but also improve their professional, social and psychological well-being.