An easy way to stop drinking

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On July 15, 1983, Allen Carr, an avid smoker with thirty years of experience, stubbed out a freshly smoked cigarette and announced the discovery of a new method of stopping nicotine. A method that allows any smoker to quit the bad habit once and for all - without volitional efforts, tricks or substitutes, without suffering from withdrawal syndrome, without gaining excess weight and, most importantly, without spending the rest of their life in an uphill struggle with the desire to smoke secretly fearing that a party without a cigarette would not be so much fun, and the stress without a cigarette would be impossible to bear.

At that moment, few people could believe in the reality of such a magical cure. After all, everyone knew that quitting smoking requires enormous willpower, as a rule, accompanied by weight gain and the painful consequences of nicotine withdrawal. In general, quitting smoking is as difficult as conquering Mount Everest. Unfortunately, millions of smokers continue to suffer from this illusion.

Considering thousands of hours of work and millions of dollars spent by doctors in search of an effective method of stopping nicotine, it's quite understandable that it's hard for them to believe that an ex-smoker with no medical training alone faced a problem that the professionals. can't get over it. Members of the Society of Alcoholics Anonymous are more likely to believe this. As a former Alcoholic Anonymous, I am well aware that millions of us owe our lives not to doctors but to fellow misfortunes.

Allen Carr is now widely recognized around the world as one of the world's leading experts in helping smokers get rid of their bad habits. His first book, The Easy Way to Quit Smoking, has been a bestseller since 1985, when it was first published by Penguin. This book has been translated into over 20 languages and has become the best seller in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Based on the Allen Carr method, a worldwide network of clinics was created.

I first heard about Allen Carr from friends who underwent treatment at his clinic and were very pleased with the results. I was skeptical of this enthusiasm because most of them at that time had quit smoking a few days ago. I had no doubt that they had paid a fortune for the latest "magical" medicine and would try to persuade me to fall for the same bait. Now I don't believe it myself, but later I wanted them to go back to the old habit. I was annoyed that they didn't mind at all when I smoked in their presence, and gradually I realized that they were genuinely enjoying their new life. Instead of sympathy for losing the pleasure of smoking, I began to envy them.

For many years I felt like an outcast because I continued to smoke. As a vacillating member of the "brotherhood, " I was fully aware that alcohol was ruining my life. My excuse was that I considered alcohol an essential social support. Now, because of my alcohol addiction, I feel like an outcast again. So I ended up at the Allen Carr Clinic. With full confidence that it wouldn't help me, I didn't say a word about my intentions or my wife, let alone my friends. Four hours later, when I left the clinic, I was eager to tell the whole world about it.

Carr claims his method is equally effective for all types of addiction. I am so happy to be able to testify that this method not only saved me from smoking, but also helped me to wake up from the nightmare that dominated my life - alcoholism. I was once convinced that alcoholism was incurable. Carr proved me wrong. Today, my only regret is not knowing anything about Allen Carr before. Don't worry if you're skeptical at first. This is exactly what Allen expects from you. I'm not going to talk about how your method works and how effective it is. I can only say one thing: when you finish this book, it will be a mystery to you, because you didn't understand such obvious things before. Enjoy your book!

Emanuel Johnson

An easy way to stop drinking

More than twenty years ago, I was able to prove that any smoker can quit smoking easily. Having discovered this method, I seriously hoped that in a few years smoking would be a thing of the past. In fact, since then, by the most conservative estimate, thanks to my method, more than five million people have broken this habit. For most of them, quitting nicotine was simple and enjoyable. However, there are millions of other people in the world who have never heard of Allen Carr or his method. I see the reason for this only in the fact that it takes time to abandon generally accepted dogma. After all, everyone knows how difficult it is to quit smoking.

For most of our history, we believe the Earth is flat and is at the center of the universe. It is well known that it takes a lot of willpower to overcome alcohol addiction, including several unsuccessful attempts to stop drinking. It is also believed that controlling your drinking habits is more difficult for those who need it most.

If I have a hard time convincing people that there is an easy and enjoyable way to stop smoking, how much effort will it take to convince you that anyone can solve their alcohol problem easily, permanently, and immediately? If you suspect that you are addicted to alcohol, or already consider yourself an alcoholic, Alcoholics Anonymous (A. A. ), known for its authority on alcoholism, will probably not do me a favor with its categorical statement:

"Alcoholism is a chronic disease for which there is no known cure. "

Unfortunately, this opinion has the active support of many renowned medical experts, the media and society at large. The conviction that alcoholism is incurable is so ingrained that I won't be offended if you throw this book in the trash without even opening it. But please don't do this. Many doctors do not share the views of A. A. and other similar organizations, but are very reluctant to speak on national television with their objections.

One of the most dire consequences of alcoholism is that the victim is left penniless. People rich enough, whose alcohol situation is out of control, can go into rehab, but for the vast majority of alcoholics, AA is the only way to get effective help. So why am I questioning the heart of the A. A. strategy: the idea that alcoholism is a disease for which there is no known cure?

Because it's based on illusion!

What appeals to me most about AA meetings is that every speaker who has been given the floor can make any outrageous statement, feel free to sob or express their anger, use expressions that would make a construction battalion sergeant blush, and all without protest of the audience. . . . Politicians should be required to attend A. A. meetings to learn how to debate.

I understand that some of my judgments can cause various feelings, from relief to anger, fear and disbelief. But whoever you consider yourself to be, a person with a slight addiction to alcohol or a recovering alcoholic or vice versa, I have only good news for you. I ask only one thing: do me the same service as any speaker at an A. A meeting.

Let me make it clear that no matter what I say about A. A. , I am by no means its opponent or competitor. For most alcoholics, A. A. is the only source of help available. But, according to the doctrine of this society, alcoholism is incurable and the road to recovery can be long and painful. Imagine if there was a universal, simple and inexpensive medicine for anyone with alcohol dependence that:

  • Acted immediately!
  • It worked all the time!
  • It did not require volitional efforts!
  • It eliminated the suffering of withdrawal symptoms!
  • Made it possible to get more holiday pleasure!
  • Helped to handle stress better!
  • It did not evoke feelings of sacrifice or deprivation and the need to constantly fight temptation!

It's probably easier to believe in fairy tales. But let's imagine for a moment that such a remedy exists. Suppose A. A. uses it. How long do you think alcoholism will plague our planet? What sane person would refuse to use such a remedy?

But there is. It's in your hands. If you've read this far, you're a little concerned about the problem of alcohol abuse. In my opinion, in that case, it would be unwise not to read the book to the end. It is natural to ask about a remedy, especially if it has an immediate and permanent effect, it is easy and easy to apply.

Why should you trust me? And I don't ask about that. On the contrary, I am ready to accept your skepticism. An important part of my method is that you must question not just every statement I say, but all of your attitudes toward alcohol and alcoholism, which you have so far perceived as immutable truth.

When I first announced that my method would make it easier for anyone to quit smoking, my family and close friends thought it was a joke. They were kind enough not to laugh in my face, but it was clear that I was considered a potential patient in a mental hospital.

It's not surprising when you consider that I've tried to quit smoking countless times before and made that claim by putting out a freshly smoked cigarette. Today, passersby stop me on the street and thank me for saving my own life, the life of a close friend or relative. Every day I receive letters in which they write to me that I am a genius and offer to ride me or even canonize me. I was even offered a place on the royal podium at Ascot, but personally I think this is too much. These honors exceed my merits.

Like all great discoveries, the Easy Way is more a manifestation of luck than any genius in my nature. In fact, the honor and respect that surrounds me today still embarrass me. But like any normal person, I can't help but enjoy it. All of this has helped me assert myself, and I'm not going to risk my reputation by making claims I can't prove.

If you're a perceptive person, you've probably already asked yourself:

"If Allen Carr's method is as unique as he claims, why is it not used by AA, ASH, QUIT, authority figures, etc.? Undoubtedly, with modern media, this method of treatment could spread around the world like a hurricane. "

You may be interested to know why people come from all over the world to consult this humble untrained loner who doesn't even advertise his method, and why he is widely recognized as the world's leading expert in the field. There is only one simple answer:

The easiest way is effective!

Perhaps you get the impression that conventional medicine opposes my method as such. In fact, at first I was considered a fraud and a charlatan. But today, it's doctors who come to our clinics for help more often than representatives from other professions, and you'll hear most of our recommendations from doctors and nurses. The medical profession is extremely responsible and fraught with stress, so doctors are more vulnerable to drug traps than ordinary people, especially when you consider that they have open access to medication.

If an ordinary general practitioner decided to apply my method to his patients, he would have failed. The full course of treatment requires at least four hours of therapy and takes a year to train a specialist. Organizations like DRINKLINE, [ASH and QUIT are charities run by well-meaning amateurs, most often not personally familiar with these issues. His recommendations boil down to the banalities that have already caused his previous failures and collapses.

However, I am confident that the A. A. members who have been in this gap have enough experience, competence, motivation and enthusiasm. If you add the necessary information to your recommendations, perhaps in a few years alcoholism will only remain in the school history course.

Does this mean that Easy Way cannot operate without the support of an organization like A. A.?No, it doesn't matter. Patients come to our clinic in despair, convinced that they will only be freed from their addiction after weeks, months, or even years of torture. Most of them believe that even with a successful solution to the problem, the vacation will not be as fun anymore, there will be nothing to relieve stress and they will have to fight the temptation for the rest of their lives.

"Wait a second! Wait. I've been abusing alcohol for over 30 years. Don't consider me an idiot. There's no way I can be cured in just four hours. "

I never said you could be healed in four hours. I said your problem can be fixed in four hours. Have you noticed that a toothache that has plagued you for several weeks miraculously disappears as soon as you work up the courage to go to the doctor? This is the "law of pettiness".

Have you ever noticed the unhappy expression on the faces of people entering the dentist's office and how they can barely contain a happy smile as they leave the dentist's chair? Toothache can be relieved by placing a filling or removing a tooth. The recovery period after this pain may take longer. Gums remain inflamed for several days. But regardless of the inflammation, when you leave the doctor's office, you feel happy, especially if this is your last visit to the doctor.

This applies to any problem, physical or mental: you feel a surge of strength and confidence if you know the solution. The more serious the problem, the longer it plagues you, the more convinced you are of your hopelessness, the more edified you will feel in finding a solution.

"But how can there be a quick and simple solution to problems as long and complex as alcoholism? "

Imagine being trapped in a cell with a combination lock. You can spend years choosing the code and get nowhere. But if I give you the code, you will be free immediately, easily, and forever.

"But alcoholism is something entirely different. "

Alcoholism is just that, and the easy way is the master key to constipation in prison.

So is this book just an advertisement for Allen Carr's clinics? No. It offers the same course of treatment and, by itself, it is sufficient. The clinic and a book are different ways of performing the same treatment. The advantage of the clinic is the ability to ask a trained therapist questions and discuss controversial issues with him on the spot. Unfortunately, this is not possible with a book.

Your doctor can also tell you if you forgot something important. Of course, the book cannot do that. I stated that the treatment is immediate. Of course, it makes an instant impact only after completing the course. Treatment at the clinic includes a four-hour session. Book healing continues until you read it through. The advantage of the book is that you can read it in your spare time. But in practice this can be a disadvantage. I often receive emails with these comments:

"My daughter bought your book for me three years ago. I finished reading it ten days ago. How right you were! It feels so good to be free.

In fact, why? There are many reasons why a person will not accept this book at all. At the clinic, the patient will likely go through the entire session. I personally treated over 25, 000 people who came to me for help. Only one patient left the session because her husband tricked her into visiting us.

Like many people, I hate manuals and instructions, most of which are as exciting to read as watching paint dry. So I made every effort to make the book fun. I hope I did well enough to read it through to the end, as this book will ensure you overcome your alcohol problem on your own.

In principle, your problem can be considered solved once you have assimilated the information contained here. To do this, you need to have a cool, sober mind so that it's easy to focus on the task at hand. Some people read a book at once, but I wouldn't recommend doing that.

I already said that a cure is guaranteed. At the clinic, in case of failure, we refund the money to the patient (you will find information about this at the end of the book). Sorry, I can't promise to refund your money when you buy the book. You are no doubt wondering why failures happen and whether you become one of those failures. Luck or failure has nothing to do with it.

Healing is guaranteed to anyone, as long as all the rules are followed. After following all the instructions, he will be able to get rid of alcohol addiction with incredible ease. Many people do this with pleasure. Now, you might be thinking:

"There's something wrong here. Your rules probably go something like this: take a solemn oath never to touch alcohol again, be true to that oath, and as soon as you feel the temptation, say to yourself, "How wonderful it is be free! " "

In principle, if you follow this simple instruction, it will certainly help you stay in control. But I doubt it will make your life any happier. Furthermore, we would not receive as many positive reviews and we would achieve a performance above 90% if the method were all that. You may now be thinking:

"Understand. The problem is that the rules are so complex that only Einstein can follow them, and Allen Carr will accuse me of being too dumb to properly understand and successfully apply his method. "

Nothing like that. If you were smart enough to read this book, you must be smart enough to succeed. Think of each rule as a number in a combination lock. If you miss or confuse a number, the lock will not open.

So the first rule:

Follow all rules.

Keep in mind that over 90% of patients who visit our clinic stop drinking. This is due to the fact that during the session they follow all the prescribed rules. You should act the same way when reading a book. I already mentioned that I hate instructions and manuals; if you don't like them either, I'm pleased to inform you that there are only seven rules in total, and they are listed on the following pages.

The second rule says:

Be patient.

When I say "be patient, " I mean that you shouldn't go into the next few sections of the book without reading through all of the previous material. Treat the book like a detective. Actually, this is a detective. The drug trap is the greatest fraud in human history. In the words of Abraham Lincoln:

"You can fool all people for a while, or you can fool some people all the time, but you can't fool all people all the time! "

That's what could be said about drug addiction until I discovered the Easy Way. That doesn't mean everyone got hooked, but all this time people were in the captivity of illusions. Like any fraud, a drug can play a cruel trick even on an intellectual. But revealed deception cannot deceive even a weak-minded person.

Unlike other detective stories, this book may have a different ending. For some, reading can be sad, even tragic. But for most, this is the happiest ending to their lives. It's your choice. For a happy ending, just follow all the rules. The third rule says:

Start reading in a good mood.

How can you do this if you are one of those who believe that alcohol dependence is, in principle, incurable, not to mention easy treatments? Admittedly, this is a matter of the primacy of the chicken or the egg. If you could travel back in time and, for a second time, experience the euphoria that will come after reading this book, your mood could not be different.

It's like learning to jump into water. The depth of the pool is 2. 5 meters, but it looks like the bottom is no more than half a meter. The board you are standing on is only 50 centimeters above the water, but you have the feeling that everything is 2. 5 meters below you. You have no doubt that you're going to break your head, and despite the coach's efforts and safety assurances, you need to summon up all your courage to decide to jump.

The idea of getting rid of drunkenness sometimes seems to a person who has already made several unsuccessful attempts, no less frightening. You can experience the feel of a beginner diver before jumping. But you are not a diver. You are in a much more enviable position to win everything without losing anything. The worst thing that can happen is failure. In that case, your situation will not become worse than the one you started with. Follow the rules and you'll be fine.

Some people think the easiest way is to train positive thinking. You know yourself: if you believe in the goal, you will reach it. This is not necessarily the case. I've always thought positively, but it didn't help me escape the drug trap any more than it would help me avoid a prison cell. However, positive thinking greatly increases your chances of success, and the opposite position is almost doomed to failure. So the fourth rule says:

Think positively.

Let's discard all pessimistic thoughts. It makes no sense to feel unhappy and needy. You have to find something amazing, something that others consider impossible - a lasting cure for alcoholism. Treat your journey through this book as the exciting endeavor it really is. Imagine how proud your friends and family will be.

The advantage of the Easy Method is that you can continue drinking during the treatment. It probably sounds incredible, but I promise it will all become clear little by little. So your fifth rule is:

Do not stop drinking or reduce your alcohol consumption before you finish reading the book.

There is an exception to this rule. If you are in rehab or have abstained from alcohol for more than a day, try to stay in control as much as possible. Sixth rule:

Read this book only with a clear head.

The last seventh rule is the hardest to follow:

Be objective and open to new ideas.