How to stop drinking alcohol: tips and folk remedies

Drunkenness in the family becomes a common misfortune for all its members. There are many reasons for alcoholism, but most of the time it is a person's character weakness or a bad influence. They have been trying to fight drunkenness for a long time, but the most important factor in a successful cure is a person's conscious desire to stop drinking.

woman and alcohol how to stop drinking

Who is really considered an alcoholic

People often start to think of an alcoholic who sinks into people's eyes. And official medicine has its own facts about it.

The acceptable dose for a man and a woman is 75 ml and 50 ml of alcohol, respectively. If these indicators are not exceeded, intoxication will not occur and control over actions will not be lost. But a person has a clear definition of an alcoholic when he drinks more than 500 grams several times a week.

But beyond that, there are basic definitions of alcoholism:

  • The dose and frequency of alcohol intake are constantly increasing;
  • In the morning, an obsessive urge to get drunk is added;
  • The need to drink again due to severe irritation and health problems. So-called withdrawal symptoms;
  • Solve any problems in life or just boredom by drinking alcohol;
  • Obvious changes in behavior and daily life.

It should be noted that alcohol includes vodka and brandy, as well as seemingly harmless cocktails, champagne and beer.

popular methods


An herb like St. John's wort is widely known as a remedy to fight green snakes. To do this, you need to measure out two cups of water, boil and pour in five tablespoons of chopped herbs. Insist for half an hour in a double boiler and cool for two weeks in the morning and evening. After this period, a persistent aversion to alcohol develops.

Baranets is still a little-known remedy, but its effectiveness is quite great. Pour 10 grams of dry twigs with a glass of boiling water and cook for 15 minutes. Give the patient every two hours until he feels like vomiting. This remedy has contraindications. It cannot be taken by people with heart system problems and stomach ulcers. In combination with alcohol, the reception of the decoction provokes a strong aversion even to the smell of vodka.

In addition, an aversion to drinking alcohol is provided by a mixture of two bay leaves and half a tablespoon of chopped lovage root. All of this needs to be poured out with a glass of vodka and, after two weeks of infusion, take it.

There are very radical measures to combat drunkenness. In the past, for a husband who drank, the wife added a live insect to the wine. After drinking this wine, the drinker developed a subconscious aversion to alcohol. This method can be used if the drinker is unwilling to fight the addiction.

How to use folk remedies

giving up alcohol

Any treatment, including alcoholism, requires careful selection of components and components. In all infusions and decoctions there are several types of contraindications and, to avoid consequences, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Before starting treatment, the body is cleansed. This is best done with diuretic preparations for several days.

It is almost impossible to force a person who drinks against their will. There are funds that have a short term effect, but you should not wait for a long result. Alcoholism is not just a physiological addiction, but also a psychological one. And the patient's desire plays an important role here.

Scandals and family clashes will only exacerbate the habit. Since alcohol dependence is often based on psychological problems. Together, we must try to find the reason and convince the drinking husband of the need to stop drinking.

beer alcoholism


Beer addiction is considered even more insidious than vodka. Avid alcoholics start with beer. The insidious side of this drink is that they don't take beer seriously, considering that having a few glasses after a hard day is normal. Later, however, the dependence on drinking beer is no less severe than on vodka.

It's best to cure beer addiction with a lifestyle change and folk remedies. In this case, herbs can be used in the same way as in the treatment of drinking vodka. Wormwood, thyme, St. John's wort, mint, yarrow. You can prepare the broth separately, or you can prepare these herbs together and take in small doses daily.

Often an infusion of the above herbs is poured into beer to instill aversion to the drink.

What happens when a person stops drinking

Discontinuing any alcohol intake causes instant body intoxication. And the severity of the intoxication depends on how long and how much alcohol the person has consumed. There is a release of toxic substances in the blood, due to the fact that the internal organs begin to purify themselves from the alcoholic poison.

Certain symptoms appear:

  • General irritability;
  • Severe nausea and constant vomiting;
  • Disorders of the digestive system;
  • Weakness;
  • Chills;
  • Sweating;
  • Heart palpitations;
  • Involuntary tremors.

If a person cannot cope with the well-being disturbance on their own after stopping alcohol consumption, it is better for them to seek medical help. The doctor can prescribe a course of cleansing and take medication. But everything happens individually. If the binge didn't last long and the body is, in principle, healthy, then you can wait for the self-cleaning process to finish at home.

After a while, the toxins will be removed from the body and a significant process of relief and recovery will take place:

  • Blood pressure normalizes, pulse rate returns to normal;
  • The headaches and dizziness stop tormenting;
  • A positive mood and a zest for life will emerge;
  • Shortness of breath and insomnia will no longer be felt.

To help the body recover, some recommendations should be followed:

  • A healthy lifestyle that includes ample exposure to fresh air;
  • Taking medications to restore the liver;
  • Complete food with vitamins;
  • Physical exercises to tone the whole body;
  • A hobby that will replace alcohol cravings;
  • In the treatment of alcohol dependence, it is important to remember that, in this difficult case, the support of family and friends is very important.

It is easy to walk away from a patient, it is much more difficult to accompany them all the way through treatment and adaptation.

After you stop drinking, don't think that after the cure it will be possible to skip a few glasses on vacation. Once a person has become an alcoholic, he will no longer be able to observe the measure as easily and will succumb to the addiction again. You may have to give up any alcoholic beverage forever and you need to be prepared for that.